These are my holy grail everyday products for my face!

I am going to list each product and in the order I use them daily.

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1. Lush angels on bare skin cleanser is amaze balls for dry skin along for other skin types as well. After I use this it leaves my face super soft, balanced and relaxed. I’ve noticed a huge difference when I use drugstore clean and clear cleanser and not this one–if I use clean and clear then my skin feels rough, dry and dehydrated (idk right terminology) but I highly recommend this for you dry skin type people especially if you love smooth soft baby butt skin!

2. Garnier makeup removing lotion is what I use to take off my eye makeup, sometimes the eyeliner is too pigmented that it’s hard to take it all off completely so after showering I use this to take it off. Why I love this specific lotion is because sometimes when I put too much on and it gets on my eyes, it doesn’t sting. Other lotions I have used sting and don’t work best like this one in my opinion. I also don’t like makeup remover wipes because I feel like I have to use so many and it’s too oily for my skin….maybe I’m not using the right ones so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!
3. Lush cosmetic lad moisturizer is one of the best things I have ever invested, seriously. This moisturizer retails for $24.95 (USA) which is a pretty good deal knowing that it lasts a year for everyday use and it’s freaking amazing. 1.5 oz container goes a loooong way. When I use this moisturizer it leaves my face super hydrated and smooth. It also sets my foundation really well hint the name cosmetic lad ❤️

4. Too faced hangover face primer is what I use to prime my face. This sets my foundation well and makes it last all day (12hours), it doesn’t crease my makeup or make my face oily at all. It does have infused coconut water that helps hydrate my skin and feel fresher.

5. Mario Badescu facial spray rose water also helps hydrate my face, notice that I use all these hydrating products because I have terribly dry skin especially during the winter; however, these products keep my skin sane. This is a mist spray that you can apply either before or after you set your makeup, which in my case I prefer to use it before. I feel like if I use it after then it makes my face feel cakey or too dewy. Btw this spray smells sooo good!!!–thats always a plus for me anyways. Adding to that, after face masking, I also apply this to my face. I definitely recommend, the retail price is only $7 at Ulta which is extremely cheap in my opinion considering the fact that its a 4.0 oz bottle.

And those are my everyday face products I use, if anyone reading this wants to recommend a product(s) feel free, please!

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