i come from a place of love

What does today mean to me?

Valentines is a day of loveA day you share with those around you and of course the ones you love. Many times we confuse it for a day where you need a significant other to celebrate with, but that is where we are mistaken. A valentine doesn’t mean it has to be your crush, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife etc, you get it—it can certainly be anyone! A friend, parents, siblings, cousins, anyone. We are too focused on finding our “true love” to share this particular day with, but honestly after being with someone for years, Valentines day is just another day.

Back when we were little we would buy little cards for everyone in our class and that was great, showing love to those around us even if we didn’t like someone and probably gave them the ugliest card, but HEY they still got a card, they were still thought about.

Although we should always show love to those around us, Valentines is a day where we can be extra just because its a holiday and who doesn’t love being extra, well I do anyway.

So today means nothing more than just a day where I can be extra to show love AND positivity to those around me and whoever else.  


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