Happy Birthday Arizona

Back in December 2016, I got my first tattoo–this tattoo means so much to me.

Tattoo done by @tattoosbycerny at Golden Rule Camelback Tattoo, Phoenix Arizona.

Now, why I ended up getting this tattoo is because my parents came from Mexico 21 years ago. My mom gave birth to me a year after she got here in 1996. My parents have gone through the hard struggle of leaving their families behind to live a better life here. If it’s anyone I look up to, it’s both my mom and dad. My dad because he has been such a hard working man his whole life to be where he is. My mom because she has taught me to never rely on anyone else and be independent like she’s always been. If it wasn’t for them  I wouldn’t be the hard working, strong, independent, responsible women I am today. It deeply kills me to ever imagine to not be able to see my parents in 21 years which is the amount of time my parents have been away from my grandparents. They talk over the phone, but it’s not the same. I have not ever met my grandparents which is extremely terrifying because each year they are getting older. On the bright side, my parents have truly made the biggest impact in my life by raising me here in Arizona. I have been given the “American Dream”. I am able to sleep on a bed and not on the floor, I was able to go to school as a little one and not work. (considering the fact thats how it was back in my parents home) I am extremely grateful that they sacrificed everything and are continuing to live in fear that they will be taken back by force one day. Although I have hope that one day immigration will not exist and we will all live happily and accept everyone for who the color they are—maybe when I am dead, but I hope no one lives through this in the future.

Photo taken by me from a view in the Desert Botanical Garden located in Papago Park, Phoenix Arizona

Happy Birthday Arizona, you been amazing to me. These 19 years of my life have been the worst/greatest years of my life, will continue to be and no matter where I live in the future I am sure I will be home sick. Even though you Arizona are such a hot bitch and cause me to be angry in the summers because I can’t go out without feeling like I am melting, I still love you. You have provided me with some of the best people around me and memories. And I promise that I will visit your beautiful hole known as one of the Seven Natural Wonders Of The World this year.

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