Don’t be a victim 

So over a year of working for a fraud department I have experienced a horrendous amount of scams that people unfortunately fall for, here are some of the most common scams to look out for. 

1. “IRS” calls- what these scammers tell you is that you haven’t paid your taxes and that you owe them, they’ll threaten you by saying they will “arrest you”(obviously, only designed only to freak you out and give all your info) IRS will only contact you by letter. **Plus, if they are asking you to pay them in iTunes gift cards that is a huge giveaway it’s a scam, I know it sounds silly, but some of these people do go out and buy iTunes/any type of gift card to give to them because that is what some of them request.**

2. Virus scam- this is generally a pop up on your computer that says you have a virus and in order to continue accessing your computer you need to pay for it to be cleaned or whatever, THIS IS A SCAM. Do not provide info to any pop-ups unless you trust the website EVEN if it threatens to delete your hard drive.

3. Lower interest rate calls- if someone calling you tells you they have this amazing offer to give you a lower interest rate on your loans, credit card or whatever it may be, DO NOT disclose any personal info such as mothers maiden name, social security number, date of birth, etc–they may already have your first and last name but they can’t do anything without your full social. Typically what these people will do is open up credit cards using all your info, end up doing a transfer from this credit card you have no clue about to your actual credit card/loan etc.. & now you’re out whatever amount of money they transferred–from what I have heard, that money will not be refunded because you willingly provided that information over the phone to whoever.

4. Free vacation/prizes- these calls are probably automated calls that say you won a free vacation to wherever or get a new phone..etc—do not give any card info out because they will charge your card for this “free” whatever.

These are the main ones I have seen and honestly it fucking sucks to whoever is a victim of this ,so please let those around you know or at least hope this helps you.


(content provided by only me/ what I experience)

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