Learn something every day

Friday, March 3rd 2017, I woke up debating if I should go to this presentation that my Geology teacher was offering extra credit for. Of course, I decided “hey 5 extra points that does make a big difference and it should be good.” Without a doubt, it was a great presentation; anything new to expand my brain knowledge. Anyways, the presentation was about the Psyche Mission that one of the university in my hometown ASU has been selected to lead. ASU is going to be helping build a robotic spacecraft for the next 5 years. The purpose of the Psyche Mission is to know about this asteroids properties; what scientist believe to be a planetary core. With this in mind, the estimated lanch date is Oct 2023 and it will be in orbit for 20 months mapping out and learning the properties. I just think it’s freaking amazing how ASU got picked and that we have people interested in learning what’s outside of just Earth, the exploration of space seems very complex, but everyone dedicated to it is GREAT. Also, the different fields that are associated with this is wonderful! During the presentation, the host showed us a video of what the spacecraft would look like and the asteroid made by a graphic designer who was just given the information and that person came off with what looked so real/expected to look like. It just stuns me and think that it is so cool how different fields outside of just science are involved. The whole concept of that presentation was very neat to be completely honest. In my opinion it’s important to expand our knowledge even if it “doesn’t” apply to our every day lives. It’s useful information and I believe the more we are open to, the more information we know and opportunities are brought to our attention such as different hobbies, conversations, people, or anything.

Poster given at the presentation

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