self worth vs social media

One thing that I have always wonder is why people let social media get to them? Some people feel the need that it is important that your life is valued based off likes or followers? I mean if that is anyones thinking; I truly cannot stress this, NO your life is NOT valued based off followers or likes on your Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, twitter tweets….and so fourth. I came to conclusion that I legit feel sad what this generation has become. In my honest opinion, who gives a fuck who likes your shit or who follows you because I bet 90% of those people that you follow on media you don’t know or isn’t relevant to you in any way, shape or form. Don’t get me wrong, at one point in my life I cared how many likes or what I posted because I was brain washed by all the bullshit plus being an innocent high school girl. We all been there and done that, but there’s a point where enough is ENOUGH. We grow up–I did anyway. Social media should be something where you can put shit you like, express yourself, or whatever the reason may be why one uses social media yet it should be for yourself only. On that note, people also need to realize that the moment you put something out, it’s everyones business, and for everyone that says “mind your own business” on social media–sorry, the shit you put out on the internet is everyone’s business. (this shit I post is your business for reading right now) People have every right to comment on what you have posted/whatever it is. Yet again, what is new? The internet is the most toxic community of them all sometimes it cannot be helped. Anyways, I totally got off track with what I was ranting to begin with. However, people please stop weakening your self worth. Every human being is worth more than a fucking l i k e or f o l l o w e r. 


P.s this isn’t directed to anyone in specific at all, just something that crossed my mind. (don’t get it twisted) 

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