Las Mujeres No Se Acaban

want to take a brief moment of my busy day to write the following: 

Today, March 8th 2017, is International Women’s Day and I couldn’t be more happier/proud to be a women today. Now let me say, it ain’t easy being a women, never has been. Women put up through so much shit, & no I’m not being sexist because men go through a lot too! However, women have a tough role in the world from giving birth, having horrendous periods, suffering from gender gap pay, being viewed as a piece of meat and much more. 

It ain’t easy being a women when people call you an emotional bitch because your menstrual brain fucks you up. It ain’t easy when you’re walking down the street and you get honked at several times or cat called. It ain’t easy when you stain your best looking undies because your friend came by. I could go on forever–I’ll stop here. 

This is for all the women who put up with all the bullshit daily, everyone who has been abused sexually and emotionally, brought life to another being, been bullied, been cheated on,  been treated like shit by anyone, gay women, people who were born in the wrong body, those who March and are standing up for women rights, for those those who have fought breast cancer/any cancer, for all the women of all colors, (purple,green, black, brown, white, pink, IDONTFUCKINGCARE) and much more, ESTOY ES PARA TI MUJERE–THIS IS FOR YOU WOMEN.

Don’t be afraid to talk or open up, you are you and no one else. 

No one in this world can stop you from chasing whatever you want despite of your gender!

A goal of mine:

I hope to graduate with my masters in Dance Thearpy helping people recover from whatever it may be such as a mental illness or physical, BUT what I really is hope to help and inspire many women that have been abused physically/emotionally with the career I aspire right now. One day. Soon. 

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