Skin care reviews

coffee beans op

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetThis 5.2 oz face mask called cup o’ coffee by lush cosmetics is one my favorites ever. It retails for $10.95 online which is extremely cheap knowing the wonders of it! I’m sure you guessed how it smells due to the obvious name, yes it smells like sum strong dank ass coffee! The first time I tried this mask the smell literally got to me so bad that I went for some coffee right after. Adding to the smell, once you’ve washed it off, the smell of coffee stays on your face unless you used another scented moisturizer after! Any who, this mask is an exfoliating mask; when I wash it off it my skin feels lifted like all the demons have been released out of me. (all the dead shit comes off) In contrast, a con about this mask would be that it’s somewhat messy. (make sure you rinse your sink real good) However, I would say this is a universal  mask meaning for all skin types, it’s not a real burning hard mask—-more of a chill back relaxing look at memes while you mask type. On that note, I feel like this mask works wonderful for my dry skin peeps because it moisturizes the face well and hydrates it making the skin feel fresh. This mask feels and looks like gravely mush mud–for some reason the appearance that the mask gives me I feel determines my results, if that makes sense? (it is a dumb analogy, leave me alone) According to the instructions, you are to leave the mask for 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water, but I like to leave it on for a few more minutes as well as applying my moisturizer short after. (I try to use this twice a week if not at least once) Overall, I recommend this mask 100% considering the price and stunning results plus it makes a good bonding time with your lover, friend or whoever! 


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