Comfortable in my nature 

I woke up  and decided to not wear make up today. 

 I didn’t conceal my dark circles under my eyes, instead I embraced my busy life. 

 I didn’t cover my face in foundation, there’s no need to cover my blemishes

I didn’t wear eyeshadow because the nude bare matte lid represents the beautiful nature of my face

I didn’t contour my face because my normal shaped face features my mom.

I didn’t highlight because my future is already bright. 

I didn’t wear lipstick because all I need is chapstick

I didn’t wear mascara because all I need is aloe Vera moisturizer   

I didn’t wear blush because all I need is lush cosmetics  face Mask to keep my face clean 

Today I woke up 

 And didn’t put my public face on

© A.M

For the past year or so I’ve learned to be confident about my natural self and embrace my flaws. Everyone is beautiful without or without makeup. 

my first no make up picture to social media

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