Forgot, I was here

Close your eyes.

the past. completed time. previous years. extinction. over and done with. it cannot be changed. it cannot undo itself. leave it behind. we learn from the past. we make mistakes. the past is crucial. maybe it’s not. we have the capability. move on. let go. open your arms. open your eyes. open your heart. 

present. now. today. current time. live in it. do it. make it. go. don’t stop. keep going. its limited. you can’t go back to tomorrow. live it. work it. enjoy it. change it. (if needed) get up. no regrets. we have the power. open your eyes. open your ears. open your heart. 

future. tomorrow. later. upcoming years. hours. down the road. never guaranteed. don’t plan. you never know. shit changes. one step at a time. live day by day. forget it. prepare. open your soul. open your brain. open your heart. 

Open your eyes.


Too many times we are focused on the past and future that we forget to live in the moment. More on the present, never on the past, and the future awaits.

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