Sonic the hedgehog and Glam glow?!

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Sonic the hedgehog plush is not included, but this is the packaging with brush inside.

Recently Glam Glow launched the limited edition GravityMud Firming Treatment Sonic Blue face mask that is now still available on Sephora’s website. This 1.4 oz face mask retails for $69 US dollars. Some of the details of this face mask is that it is a peel off, you do have to leave it on for half an hour, and it comes with an application brush. This mask is meant to tighten and lift the skin. If you do decide to get this mask, I will include some instructions in the next following. With that being said, you do have to use the brush for application (which I like that they included especially for the price) and you want to make sure you apply 2 or 3 layers upon applying it to the face because if you just put one layer it will be hard to peel off (learned this the first time I tried it). Before applying the mask, I had to swirl it around a couple times. After the time is done, you can start to peel off from wherever you can. Once you have finished doing that, you’ll start to see that it there will be little leftover spots that you couldn’t take off so you’ll want to take a warm towel and rinse it off.  

Overall, my honest opinion about this face mask would be that it wasn’t as effective as other face masks for me. As much as I tried to like this face mask I cannot. Every time, I take this mask off the only results I get from it is my face being soft, but even then it still feels rough. I feel like I could only feel the firmness and tightness during the masking process (sad face). Also, this mask does have a strong scent of pina colada, yes it is a good smell; however, when you have it on for 30 minutes it starts to get annoying and too much. In addition, every time I apply this mask on, it feels like my face just touched the surface of a hot stove. I think the reason why it causes that heat and irritation is because of all the alcohol that it contains in the ingredients. In my opinion, I think firming and lifting masks are only a temporary solution because you obviously cannot reduce any wrinkles or sagginess from your skin unless you do laser or surgery and of course extra care on the regular. The only thing that I enjoyed about this was the cool chrome color it gives during the drying process and the fact that Glam Glow picked Sonic The Hedgehog, definitely brings a nostalgic feeling from my childhood video game life. I hope to try other Glam Glow masks in the future since this one was my first purchase from them and hope that it does me better for the price! And oh, I forgot to mention the original mask is a silver color one which I have not tried, but seen reviews that there was no difference. 

Overall rating: 5/10

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2 thoughts on “Sonic the hedgehog and Glam glow?!

  1. Thanks for leaving this review… I’ve always wanted to try Glam Glow but have never shelled out the money because I just couldn’t see how a mask would be worth $70.. I’ll definitely take this into consideration and opt for a different a Glam Glow mask in the future.. Thanks for reviewing 🙂

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