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Solitary is acceptable

Today was a beautiful gray cloudy day to enjoy breakfast with myself at my favorite place, Cracker Barrel.

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If you like country style breakfast, please visit this place! The sweet iced tea is the best I’ve ever had.

Often times people forget to dedicate time to themselves. Its okay to go out in public alone. Its okay to love yourself. Its okay to enjoy your time. Its okay to appreciate yourself. Its okay to care for yourself. People forget that their own presence is just as valuable as anyone else. Everyone should at least give themselves an hour a day. I cannot stress the importance of this!!! Ever since I started to appreciate myself more and care for myself I started to feel much more happy with myself. I don’t caught criticizing myself like I used to. Slowly my insecureness is going away. If people can’t appreciate themselves, then they can’t do that for others. It all starts with YOU, since you were born. When you dedicate this time to yourself, leave all worries out, do something you enjoy, anything that makes you happy. At the end, thank yourself for the time you’ve devoted. Then, slowly keep doing it as much as you can. I get it, you may not have time, but ten or twenty minutes counts too. Anything. Just do it. And please don’t forget that your presence is worthy.

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