daily prompts

Vicious dinero


yeah, wish that word didn’t exist 

without it 

survival is nearly impossible

with it

destructive choices come along

either get what you need or want

maybe both, maybe none

without it

helplessness occurs

with it 

materialistic shit is bought

people lose the value of objectives

without it 

successfulness is hard

with it

a job or some type of hustling movement


at the end you get more funds taken 

than earned



the root of all evil 


11 thoughts on “Vicious dinero

  1. Hmm… A nice topic to debate over. It is the wrong use of money that makes it evil. Most of the discoveries have been for the good of human kind. But it is the way they have been used that has led to the bad opinion. Nice write up. Keep up the good work.

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  2. juz kolejny raz “cos sie tu nie zg8;za&#a221d. Czy Gustaw nie mial przypadkiem corki ktora wlasnie wysylal do gimnazjum? Nie chce mi sie odgrzebywac postow o nim, ale mam wrazenie ze jego rodzina zostala wczesniej inaczej zarysowana. Takie niescislosci sa jak smrod oleju w dobrym jedzeniu.


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