daily prompts


You kept me warm

I latched onto you like a baby does on their mommy
You gifted me secureness

I felt safe with your presence

You kept me sane

all my sorrows disappeared

You were eternal
until I lost you

I mourned and mourned

all day

I was only two years old

that day felt never ending

I longed for you

Within a blink of an eye

I had you, again, my dear blanket 

11 thoughts on “Nostalgia

    1. ko taw yeem, ade satu tmpt ni kan, cafe die recycle sta.or.eywhh!!sw, utk menggagalkan misi berjimat kat cafe tu, diorang pakat gigit straw ramai2, biar straw tu tak dapat pakai dah pastu..huhu


      1. Not the worst, but easily the harbringer of do;#&:#8220oThat&m8217;s looking great, we’re almost there, just a couple of things..”That usually prefaces a client massacre or about-turn.As you say, sometimes they do have a point..


  1. DILUVIOS 2010……PROYECTO COLEGIOS Y UNO&DRSIEADESV#8230;…….PIR QUE UNA PUESTA CERRADA SIEMPRE TE LLEVARA A UNA ABIERTA……2010 AÑO DE LA CONQUISTA Y LA EXTENCIONes un proyecto…..que vamos a estar realizando con los chicos de la iglesia


  2. not that I'm aware. He doesn't appear in the 1500 names my father has in the family tree. One of the upper class, moneyed Ki3hcin&#t9;s unlike our humble background as a family of joiners.


  3. well, i basically hate the new look all around, and would LOVE to be able to &qouq;opt-uut&toot; now, but since i was basically forced into it, since i'm one of the damned, i mean, choosen people to try out the new look, i cant figure out how, would anyone care to tell me how i can?


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