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Wanderlust or Snow White?

Last year, around late January, my SO and I travelled to Boulder, Colorado.

We went for a couple days; we flew on the plane for our first time ever.

As a foreginer to the snow I was freezing my butt off!! My face had never been so freaking pale like it was in Colorado. Devastatingly, I could hardly wear any makeup and it sucked–makeup gives me life. Anyways, I absolutely adored Boulder. The people were surprisingly friendly and I felt everyone was connected to each other. Even though, I am used to 120 degree weather back home in Arizona, it felt nice and super refreshing. I danced with the wind as I walked the streets of Downtown Colorado. When I walked in the snow crossing the streets, I felt as I was stepping on the clouds.

Without having any clue of our area, we spontaneously explored downtown Colorado, a sick comic store, and visited the school I wanted to go to.


Downtown Colorado was filled with many shopping places, bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, performers, any typical downtown area in a city. I remember eating some “Brooklyn style” pizza because the local aesthetic Asian restaurant was an hour wait. The pizza did the justice though–it was okay. Then, going out of downtown Colorado, there was this cute park which people compare to a small version of New York Central park (which I think does)

Comic Store:

We met some cool dudes that introduced me to a series called Y: The Lastman by Brain K. Vanghan, which is also the author for my favorite series called Saga! With that said, for any comic book readers I recommend checking both out. Anyways, the dudes were cool, helped me look for the Saga issues to take back home and they talk to my SO about other stuff.

Naropa University:

Originally, my plan was to graduate in Arizona and for grad school going to Naropa. Naropa University is a liberal arts private school in Boulder, Colorado. The majors are very specific and the campus is gorgeous. I like the simplicity and structure of it. However, plans have decided to another route, BUT I enjoyed visiting and learning about another place. Its like a different culture.


This was my wanderlust, the snow, the wind, the people, the views, and feelings.

I hope to see you soon.

Boulder, CO.

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5 thoughts on “Wanderlust or Snow White?

  1. Wait until they have a sale.I remember SPYDERS WEB from it's first screening (I'm THAT old!) and – apart from maybe 2 episodes – it's rather a boring load of tosh. I think they were trying to emulate some of the style of THE AVrGENRS.TheEe was only one series made – I think there's probably a good reason for that too!


  2. Fascinerend verhaal. De idioterie van hier om vast te houden aan rails en het progressieve denken in Japan. Ik ben eens in de Bullit naar Hirosjima geweest. Mount Fuji onderweg, erg mooi. Ging allemaal heel snel. Als ik het goed begrijp gebruiken we dus nu de techniek van dertig jaar terug hier. Het is beschamend als je er goed over nadenkt. Dat treinengedoe valt toch ook onder Melanie Schultz? Ik vind het rondje dat je in je laatste alinea schrijft werkelijk héél interessant.


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