to myself

I been writing a fuck ton. 

It may be good it may not.

Who the fuck cares; I don’t. 

As long as you’re doing something you enjoy, love, care, and put effort then it shouldn’t matter. I do it for myself and no one else. 

Friendly reminder to myself, when I am feeling down. Just remember. 

6 thoughts on “to myself

      1. earlier, if he plays those 5-6 minutes and there are no more goals, does anyone care? It1&28#7;s a lame duck talking point obscuring the bigger picture: Citeh fell asleep at the wheel. What do they say on a Hail Mary in american football? Knock the ball down!


  1. Grandiose Idee!Das stimmt, wäre vielleicht nicht so persönlich.. obwohl ich mir eigentlich sicher bin, dass du genau die richtigen Worte finden wÃedrets.Herz¼nsgrüße aus BerlinMarie


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