Some of you know, some of you don’t, May is mental health awareness month.

Maybe you don’t know what exactly this is about or maybe you do.

Here are some facts about why May is Mental Health awareness Month.

  • 1 in 5 American adults are diagnosed with a mental illness each year.
  • Nearly 10 million Americans suffer mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression. 
  • 60% of adults and 50% of adolescents do not get treatment or services they need.
  • 25% of living with these conditions feel shamed or judged by it. (this number may even be higher because most people don’t like to speak on it)
  • Mental health doesn’t only affect the person with it, but those around as well.

Ways you can spread awareness:

  • Educate yourself on the mental health and those around you.
  • See the person not the illness
  • Supporting those around you.
  • Take the StigmaFree pledge.
  • Look for opportunities to participate in activities, if you can.
  • Dedicate some time towards this, maybe a blog post, poem, whatever your heart feels.
  • Create yourself a healthy life style, keep yourself straight, love yourself, have HOPE.

I will be spreading my awareness throughout the month on my blog, anyone who wants to join me, feel free! Please do so, I encourage you.


We are all different beings in this universe radiating the same energy. 

No one should suffer silence and solitude.


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10 thoughts on “MHAM

  1. I love the picture at the end, every one of those has effected my life in one way or another. I myself suffer from panic attacks, my son severe insomnia. His dad has it bad, we we married for 18 years. Depression I know all to well. Lost my dad to it at the age of 9. I could go on, and on. Thank you for sharing this! We all have our own battles, and compassion should be granted.

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    1. Goodness, well I want to thank you for staying positive and still being able to live even if though it wasn’t easy. You’re a strong women 🌹thanks for reading and hope to see some awareness!


      1. According to Zogby, 42% of the country’s population believe the Jews or the US government did 9/11 and covered it up. That means that 42% of the country are retards.To those idiots, Obamessiah looks like a man speaking truth to power. Presumably truth is a property of propositions. And propositions are specific utterances. Strangely, none of Obama’s utterances are propositions. They are mere dei.rsptionscBut to the 42% retards, they are descriptions that lead to change.Pfft.


      2. This is perfect timeing for me. I need to remind my self of these helpful ways to get through a semi crisis at work.It happened friday and I waited until Monday to discuss it with the person because I did not want to say anything I might regret.It worked to my advantage and I will print your post and re-read when I fell the need.thanks for a great post


    1. “he uses some problems of one game as reason to drag down the score, whereas the same problems in another game seems to not matter one bi2t#&8.21; The reason it brought down the score in this game because it was very memorable unlike a game like Mass Effect 1 where there a lot of bugs but it was not as memorable because it has great things to support it and was easily forgettable unlike this game. But it’s all opinions. At least you brought up good points unlike Stew360 lol.

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  2. Sto rotolando dal tatuaggio tamarro in poi quindi non ho avuto molta attenzione nel leggere tutto il resto, lo ammtoto..Cemunque tu sei grandiosa as usual! A.


  3. I think this is a great opportunity for single parents out there. It would be a great deal for all involved if you could rent out a room or two to another single mom and her kid(s). It would save both of you quite a bit of money and assuming you knew each other, trusted each other and didn’t take advantage, it would be a great opportunity to split some of the household duties and child care!


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