Not anyone

For the past 4 years, I have been working and going to school, full time for both. Two weeks after I turned 16, I started working. I worked at this place for two years, throughout my junior and senior year. I later got a new job for my two years of college. Full time again. My parents never told me get a job. No one told me what to major in. I chose it. I made all my decisions on my own. I did it for myself and only me. No one else. Master of none

Many times people feel forced to do what their parents, siblings, family,  friends, strangers, anyone tells them to do with their lives. This life is YOURS and only yours. Not theirs. Not anyone’s. Do what feels right, what makes YOU happy. Never forget.

7 thoughts on “Not anyone

    1. Looks to me like.a heated home, where I’m from u use ice and water barrier at least 3 feet past the top plate unless its such a flat pitch we ice and water the while thing. But I do use gaf synthetic undylraement . But its blue works well . Use it every time


  1. I would love that total freedom. I used to have it when I was young, but after I got married total freedom wasn’t completely possible. I don’t regret marriage, though. Fly high and free if you have no restrictions.

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