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not again

I haven’t been updating my blog everyday like I was, but again I am not surprised that my notorious self known as, busy all the time, has came back.

However, I will not be harsh on myself because I am focusing on my physical and well being. I decided to start going to the gym while continuing yoga — when I graduated high school I quit my old job which was more active than my current one and I also quit dancing. THAT WAS ALL MY EXERCISE GONE TO THE TRASH. With that said, I have gained weight and turned to eating unhealthy food. Consequently, my main focus these next couple months is to train my body back to being on active duty, not only for my weight, but my health. Body, mind and soul all have to be balanced out. I will keep trying to update as much as I can due to that being one of my current goals this year.

Well cheers to my new beginnings these next couple of months, I am excited to learn all this new gym equipment and workout planning, etc. Also, this is going to help me get strong as I get ready for YTT this fall! ⚡️


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