mid way

its been 19 days that I have not posted on my blog. wow.

I don’t want to say I lost motivation, but I been focusing/working on other stuff.

As mentioned before I started the gym while also going to yoga and working 32 plus hours a week. Yeah, I’ve been awfully busy. I do miss writing, and it makes me sad that I don’t feel as inspired to say the least. Really I feel like it is because my mind is too focused on myself, physically.

However, the work in progress is paying off. I have seen change in myself. Stronger, in a physical and mental way. I’ve been appreciating myself for who I am. I thank everyone who has been supported of me through this journey as I continue. Birthday is coming up soon and I am not excited to turn twenty, but that’s aging.

“Everything I am not has made me everything I am.”

Appreciating and loving myself has been one of the greatest things I could have ever done.


Hope every human is creating a happy environment and at peace with themselves.


just remember pain is temporary. Live in the moment.


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