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Phoenix Comicon is a multi-general entertainment and comic book convention held year every year in downtown Phoenix. It was founded back in 2002 where it was annually held in Ahwatukee, AZ. Of course, it has became my tradition for the last three years to go to comicon. I love atmosphere, the people I meet & chat with,… Continue reading PHXCC2017

daily prompts

not again

I haven't been updating my blog everyday like I was, but again I am not surprised that my notorious self known as, busy all the time, has came back. However, I will not be harsh on myself because I am focusing on my physical and well being. I decided to start going to the gym while… Continue reading not again

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Appearance doesn't define what's inside but can be used for hiding Appearance isn't the reflection of personality thats a stupid mentality Appearance can be deceiving so stop believing before you're left grieving 🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸⚡️🌸 These are pretty pink flowers, until they start giving you allergies.  

daily prompts

Clear skies

Usually 110 degrees  enough to melt cream cheese classic hot sunny day  nope, the gray clouds came out so no one can be bitter  but wear their outfitters    Today was a rare moment in Phoenix, Arizona with 60 degree weather and clear skies. Oh, also it rained! In May? That never happens.