Skin care reviews

holy glow, I mean grail

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting face mask is one of my favorite masks ever. This mask retails for $62 US dollars on both Sephora and Fresh sites. I know you're probably thinking "wow thats super expensive!", which is both a yes and no answer. Yes, it is expensive if it's out of your normal spending budget for skincare… Continue reading holy glow, I mean grail

Skin care reviews

coffee beans op

This 5.2 oz face mask called cup o' coffee by lush cosmetics is one my favorites ever. It retails for $10.95 online which is extremely cheap knowing the wonders of it! I'm sure you guessed how it smells due to the obvious name, yes it smells like sum strong dank ass coffee! The first time I tried this… Continue reading coffee beans op